Highway 6, West of Walcott, Iowa

Historic Snow Storm in February 2011

Scott County SnoSeekers

October 2011 Newsletter

Happy Halloween!!!

Dear Fellow Club Members,

I just wanted to put a quick word out about what was discussed at the October 6, 2011 meeting. We talked about the events we did over the summer such as go-karting, cookout at Buffalo Beach, and groomer operating/maintenance class taught by Dick Wulf. We hope to continue doing these events next summer as well, for those that partaken; I believe had a good time. Remember, anyone that has an idea or wants to try something new to bring the club together and bring in new members, please bring it up in the next meeting.

The financial report was encouraging for the upcoming season. The club is doing very well going into this season and the State has granted most of the money that we put in for; such items as; parts for the groomer, signs, fuel for the groomer, and various other items to keep our trail system in good condition. The groomer needed new belts for the left rear track, which we thought we might have to use the club’s money to fix the State’s groomer. However, the State came through and granted the money to us to fix what is broke so we can continue to have smooth trails. The CD is due in November and the club voted to let it roll over. The club voted to send $200 to our charity, Spina Bifida. Also, membership dues are encouraged to be paid by December 1st, in which will double the chances of you winning a 3 day 2 night stay in Hayward Snow Trip. The club voted to give Vernon Voss a $40 gift certificate to a local restaurant for his donation of a pop-up travel trailer to be used as a mobile registration booth during the Annual Radar Run on January 22nd, 2012.

The groomer operating/maintenance class given by Dick Wulf at the farm the groomer is stored at over the summer went very well. Kevin House, filled in the rest of the club at the meeting on what was discussed, learned, and stories told by Dick and past groomer operators on what to do and what not to do when operating the groomer. The take home topic of the evening was, “Don’t get the groomer stuck!” Also, mentioned at class, was if the people that are signing certain parts of our trail system could also be the people operating the groomer in those ditches as well. We can start putting signs in on November 1st and have to be taken out by April 1st as a reminder.

Upcoming events in October and November were discussed, are as follows. On the evening of October 31st is the Halloween Parade in downtown Davenport at 7:00p.m. and meeting in the parking lot at 5:30p.m. to set up the floats. On November 6th at the Ike’s club in Mt. Joy from 9:00-2:00 is our Annual Club Swap Meet. For those willing to help out and setup will meet at the Ike’s Club to setup around 7:00a.m. Those that volunteered to bring chili, please remember to bring it. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 27th is the Turkey Day Shootout near New Windsor, IL. The club has been asked to come serve food at, so we can make some money for charity and a bit of a profit for the club. More details to come about the Turkey Day Shootout at the November meeting. Other events coming up are the Orion Club Swap Meet is on October 23rd at Triple E in Orion, IL. West Liberty is having there Swap Meet on October 30th. Iowa State Convention is on November 13th and 14th. Either February 4th or 11th, 2012 will be the Women’s ride, put on by the Quad Cities Women’s Club, with more details to come.

I believe this is about it for this newsletter. Please let me know if I have forgotten anything that should have been entered in this month’s newsletter. Now we all hope and pray we get lots of snow this year that might just stick around for a while.


Joshua Voss