Yes there is a train in that mountain of snow, maybe we can get some too!!!

Scott County SnoSeekers
December 2011 Newsletter

2010 - 2011 Officers and Board of Directors:

President- Joshua Voss: 563-505-7044

Vice President- Kevin Toft: 563-386-2961 or 563-340-9671 cell

Past President-Chris Sieverding:

Secretary-Briana Voss:

Treasurer-Dick Sieverding:

Director- 3rd Year Calvin Talbot:

Director- 2nd Year Clint Voss:

Director- 1st Year Lucas Voss: 

Merry Christmas !!!

Greetings Sno-Seekers

            Well, I hope everyone got some snowmobiling in when it snowed in November, because I heard that might be it for the season.  However, I did hear that Colton Voss dethatched the grass and picked up the leaves for his Dad, while riding his snowmobile in the yard during that brief snowfall.  All we can do now is pray that it gets cold and we get lots of snow in January, February, and March. 
I want to thank everyone for attending and helping out with the Swap Meet, Halloween Parade, and Turkey Day Shootout.  The Swap Meet numbers didn’t break any previous records, but we were able to make a profit and donate some to Spina Bifida.  The Halloween Parade was a lot of fun and it sounds like the city will let us come back next year since Clint and Lucas didn’t run over any police officers with their quads.  The Turkey Day Shootout turned out to be a success even though it rained quite a bit the day before. All events were a success and a lot of fun.
The next event would be a club ride leaving from Probstei on Highway 6, but we need snow first.  So I am hoping we have snow by the 5th of January, which is our next club meeting.  Ken Pennock has graciously invited all of us to either ride our sleds or drive out to his home in Durant for the next club meeting in January.  Then, on January 22nd we hope to have our Annual Radar Run, preferably, on “ICE” at Credit Island.  Either February 4th or 11th, 2012 will be the Women’s ride, put on by the Quad Cities Women’s Club.  We will discuss these details at the January Club Meeting.
I also want to thank everyone for getting there trail signs in.  It might be a good idea to drive your section of trail and check to make sure the signs are still there and haven’t blown over since the ground is pretty soft.  I have checked with Dick Wulf and he told me the groomer is ready to go for the season.
I hope everyone has a safe Christmas and New Years.  All I can say is keep praying for cold weather and lots of SNOW!!!


Joshua Voss